Do eggs increase cholesterol? What about cheese? Will consuming processed meat elevate your risk of heart disease? We’ll be talking about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Eggs – 03:06
2. Organ meats – 03:56
3. Cheese – 04:31
4. Shellfish – 05:35
5. Full-fat yogurt – 06:08
6. Sardines – 06:45
7. Pasture-raised steak – 07:01
1. Fast foods – 07:26
2. Fried foods – 07:56
3. Processed meat – 08:11
4. Desserts – 08:41


1 Eggs
Who doesn’t love eggs? I’m sure it’s a breakfast staple for most of you! Eggs are nutrient-packed foods with tons of protein. They’re also rich in B vitamins, selenium and vitamin A. But hang on, there’s more! Eggs are high in cholesterol too! One large egg offers about 211 mg of cholesterol.

2. Organ Meats
Organ meats such as heart, kidney and liver are rich in cholesterol, but also very nutritious.

3. Cheese
Cheese on top of nachos, a tempting pizza with melted cheese, a comforting hot bowl of mac and cheese, sandwich loaded with cheese, and the list goes on!

4. Shellfish
There’s nothing better than having friends and family around a barbecue enjoying yummy dishes like chilli crab and clam spaghetti.

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