*If you struggle with high cholesterol or just want to ensure you are keeping your LDL low then watch this video to find out what foods you need to be eating.*

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Cholesterol is a health concern that has remained a priority for what seems like forever and a day. It has also been largely demonized and with good reason. If your “bad” cholesterol is high the impact on your health can be quite devastating. However in all truth and fairness, our bodies cannot live without cholesterol either.

So here are we are with one of those health issues that becomes something of a balancing act that requires you to be incredibly in tune with your body as well as having the willingness to make changes when and if necessary.

Since cholesterol is present in every cell in the human body and is required for such functions as promoting healthy digestion, hormone production and converting sunlight into vitamin D, it is not necessarily selective in whom it chooses to attack when it comes to a dangerously high cholesterol count. Again, we all have cholesterol in our bodies. And while 75% of the cholesterol we have in our body is produced by the liver, where do you thing the other 25% is coming from? Yup . . . your diet!

This can not only create a lot of anxiety but also some confusion because honestly in order to keep you cholesterol numbers within a healthy range you have to actually EAT FAT! However, the type of fat you choose is crucial!!!

So what are the foods that you can continue to enjoy and not influence your LDL levels to become too high? Actually there are quite a few . . . HEALTHY FATS, but the following 3 are my top picks:

1. OATMEAL – Filled with fiber, oatmeal will bind to the fats that tend to build up and clog arteries, pulling them through and out of your system to decrease your risk of developing plaques.

2. AVOCADOS – Filled with HEALTHY fat that moves through your system without clogging up arteries. This type of fat also helps to move the LDL fats through the bloodstream.

3. ALMONDS – Another good fat HOWEVER do not over consume them.

The message I’m sending here is, “make healthful choices and you will live a healthier life and greatly reduce your risk of developing high cholesterol.” I’m also wanting to make it clear that in order to lower cholesterol you do not need to eliminate fat completely for your diet. You do need to choose GOOD FATS though!

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