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1. Avocado:

Do you enjoy avocado? This super fruit is rich in monounsaturated fats and fiber, which are the essential nutrients that help lower “bad” LDL and raise “good” HDL cholesterol. In a study conducted on obese and overweight adults with high LDL cholesterol who were given one avocado daily, it was found that there was a decrease in their LDL levels more than those who didn’t eat avocados.

2. Fatty fish:

Before you rule this out of your list. Keep in mind that not all fats are bad. Fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel, are packed with heart friendly omega-3 fats. These omega-3 fats boost your heart health by increasing the level of “good” HDL cholesterol and lower your risk of developing stroke by 27%. They also help lower bad cholesterol in your body by replacing meat which is filled with LDL-boosting fats.

3. Nuts:

Walnuts! Almonds! Peanuts! We are talking about all of them. Nuts are rich in cholesterol lowering fats and fiber. They also provide omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, as well as phytosterols, a compound that helps lower cholesterol by blocking its absorption in your intestine. A lot of studies have linked daily munching on nuts as one of heart friendly lifestyle. Keep in mind that, nuts lower ‘bad’ LDL in the body by 5%, reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of heart diseases.

4. Whole grains:

Want to lower your cholesterol level? Make friends with whole grains. Whole grains especially oats and barley are rich in soluble fiber called ‘beta glucan’. This Beta glucan helps to lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in your blood and lower your risk of heart disease. Because whole grains still have all parts of the grain intact, they provide you with more minerals, vitamins and fiber than refined grains. Statistically speaking, eating oats may lower total cholesterol by 5% and “bad” LDL cholesterol by 7%.

5. Extra virgin olive oil:

Looking for a heart-healthy oil to add to your diet? Extra virgin olive oil is the best choice. Olive oil is an excellent source of monounsaturated acids, which lower “bad” LDL and increase “good” HDL cholesterol. According to a research carried out on older adults at risk of heart disease– they were given a tablespoons (60 ml) of extra virgin olive oil a day, alongside a Mediterranean diet. The olive oil group had a 30% lower risk of major heart diseases, compared to people who followed a low-fat diet.

Do you have high cholesterol? Which of these cholesterol lowering super foods do you enjoy most? Let us know in the comment section.

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