HIGH CHOLESTEROL- If you let cholesterol accumulate in your body, it can have unforeseen consequences in your health. Regular test way is the best thing of keeping your cholesterol level intact. Unhealthy life style and poor diet, eating plenty of unhealthy foods often, smoking and alcohol abuse are the three big factors of high cholesterol level.

In this video, i’m gong to share you 6 main signs of high cholesterol, here are the following:
– Yellowish shade in your eyelids
– Gray colored rings in your eyelids
– Tingling in the limbs
– Pain in the back of the head and neck
– Rapid and pounding heart rhythm
– Frequent sudden head aches
if you experienced these all of a sudden you should be concern, they can be a sign of high cholesterol and serious cardiovascular problems. You should be check up by a doctor.

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