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Q: Do you have any suggestions for high cholesterol?

A: Cholesterol can be elevated from stress and overeating carbohydrates. When someone is under stress the body cannibalizes cortisone. Over time, the adrenal glands need to make more cortisone and therefore the body makes cholesterol the primary building block.

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Q: Dr Bob – I seem to lose lots more hair when I don’t take Famotidine for my Gastritis. Is that because I can’t absorb nutrients with an inflamed gut?

A: The absorption of minerals is very important for strong healthy hair.

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Q: Dr. Bob, what causes tender breasts?

A: Tender breasts are common when there is excessive estrogen in the body which has not been cleared by the liver.

Q: How can I help increase zinc in my body?

A: I discuss zinc a lot in “Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Mental Health.” Zinc is depleted from sugar, soy and stress. A great source of zinc from food includes pumpkin seeds. It is also important for skin and nail health.

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