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With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits grow, making it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Sometimes, those deposits can break suddenly and form a clot that causes a heart attack or stroke.High cholesterol can be inherited, but it’s often the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices, which make it preventable and treatable

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These acupuncture acupressure points will help you and can be used as a treatment .Learning acupuncture and acupressure helps to self treat your disease and cure it.Acupuncture points and acupressure points has proved in the long run that they are the best way to treat a disease and a person without any medicine. Its the best Chinese medicine or treatment and has proved it over thousands of years.

The video is in animation/ animated doodle form to keep it simple and engaging to the viewers.

How does acupuncture or acupressure works:
Each disease in Acupunture and Acupressure has a point associated with it these points are on different meridians of the organs.these meridians are also called as channels.
The following points are very useful for knee or knee joint pain
The following points should be pressed 60-80 times in 1-2 minutes.This should be done 2-3 times a day.The acu point can then be treated (pressed) with the tip of the thumb or finger or with the blunt end of the pencil.

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