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All music compositions of Ninad meditation is scored, arranged and transcribed down into standard western notation sheet music system. Music composition is played and recorded live in studio by finest session players. We use new age sounds compiling instruments such as strings, violin, bowls, bells, synthesizers, keys, digital and natural piano, warm meditation pads, bamboo flute, native american flute, Irish flute, nature ambient sound of birds, ocean waves, tanpura, hand drums, tabla, bass guitar, vocals, esraj, sarangi, to accompany productive meditation and relaxing sessions.

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Original Track Name:- Boost Your Healing Blood Circulation

Music Scored & Arranged By: Suraj Bista

Audio, Video Mixed, Mastered Edited & Optimized By: Santosh Ghimire
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DISCLAIMER: This video should not be used to replace any medical or psychological treatment. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner immediately.

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