This is Part 1 of 3 Video Lectures on HEMATOLOGY by Professor Fink. In this Video Lecture, Professor Fink shows how to estimate the Total Blood Volume, and then using the Hematocrit (%PCV) to estimate the Plasma Volume. Blood Plasma is analyzed and the clinical importance of the major chemicals are each explained. Reference is made to Electrophoresis, Albumin, plasma Colloid Osmotic Pressure, alpha & beta Globulins (HDL, LDL, transferrin), the Blood Clotting Proteins (prothrombin, fibrinogen, Serum, hemophilia), and the Gamma Globulins (Immunoglobulins), as well as BUN, uric acid, creatinine & electrolytes.

Professor Fink then analyzes Red Blood Cells (Erythrocytes) and Blood Types (ABO & Rh Systems), explaining both Antigens and intrinsic Antibodies.

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