Harley Street Health Episode 9

Do you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes? You should get your eyes checked. All these diseases can cause arterial changes. If these affect the eye, it can lead to loss of vision and blindness!

Your eyes are a window to the health of your heart and arteries. Of all the arteries in your body, the arteries on the retina at the back of the eye are the only ones you can directly visualize. Your ophthalmologist can take a look In the back of your eye to check your artery health directly. If there are changes they can even treat them with special injections or lasers to prevent visual loss.

In this episode of Harley Street Health, I talk to consultant ophthalmologist Dr Errol Chan. We cover the links between the heart and the eye. We also talk about who and when you should get eye screening.

If you would like to know more, or book an appointment for an eye test, please contact Dr Chan below.

Dr Errol Chan,
Consultant Opthalmologist,
LSC Eye Clinic.
Paragon Medical, Lift Lobby F, Singapore
Tel: +65 6836 1000
Whatsapp: +65 9843 1000
Email: contact@lsceye.sg

Dr Michael Ross MacDonald
Consultant Cardiologist
Hartley Street Heart & Vascular Centre,
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Orchard, Singapore
+65 6235 5300