High cholesterol diet explained.

High cholesterol diet – Video outline:
✔ Foods like certain nuts, fish and oils contain omega-3 fatty acids.
✔ Omega-3 fatty acids – Include a source of omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet plan.
✔ Receiving a diagnosis of high cholesterol doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely have a heart attack or stroke.
✔ High cholesterol is said to be “a silent killer” because it has no symptoms.
✔ The only way to find out what your cholesterol levels are is to take a blood test.
✔ Margarine – If you’re currently using butter, change to margarine – preferably soft, tub margarine.
✔ LDL is the bad cholesterol that can put you at risk for health problems.
✔ Use vinaigrette dressings on your salads made with a base of olive oil.
✔ Drink low fat milk and eat reduced or low fat cheeses.
✔ It’s a line of defense that you need to adopt if you have high cholesterol.

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