High cholesterol foods – 5 -High Cholesterol Foods You MUST Avoid

High cholesterol foods
Foods to avoid with high cholesterol

Cholesterol isn’t all that bad and your body can also benefit from it.
In reality, “low” cholesterol has the same negative impact as “high” cholesterol levels.
You’d be surprised how eating certain foods can cause your “bad” cholesterol levels to go through the roofthat predisposes you to cardiac diseases and stroke.
But would you believe that it is possible to reduce your cholesterol levels the natural way in a span of 30 days? How is it done?
The first and most crucial thing you need to learn are the top 5 foods to avoid:
1. Dairy
No matter how cliché it sounds, milk is for babies while cow’s milk is for baby cows!
Not only that, roughly 99.9% of dairy products are pasteurized leaving very little health benefits in it. And when you drink cow’s milk, you end up consuming the toxins and other medicines given to these animals before.
Your cholesterol level rises that put a heavy strain on your liver since all cow’s milk often contains saturated fat, no exception.
So, you have to say goodbyeto your favorite comfort foods such as cheese and ice cream.

2. Fast Foods
We are talking about all sorts of fast foods here. All of them are loaded with carbohydrates, toxic proteins, and hydrogenated and saturated fats.Aside from they taste good, they are also really cheap.
You can chomp them anytime you want since you can buy them anywhere and cost cheaper than fresh and healthy food choices but the toxins these foods contain will take its toll on your body later in life.

3. Animal Protein
Your cholesterol levels will surely increase if you keep on eating meat, poultry, pork, and shellfish that are high in saturated and “marble” fats. Even if you go organic on them, they still contain more cholesterol than your body will ever need.
Steer away from these food groups and consider getting your proteins from nuts and veggies or fish like wild-caught salmon.

4. Eggs
Eggs are neutral.
If you like eating yolks, you’d likely have higher cholesterol levels as this part of the egg is loaded with it. You can avoid the yolk, though, and eat the white part instead.
But once cooked, the egg is oxidized by the heat and this affects the protein and fat structure.
To save yourself from the bad side of eggs, consume it raw or lightly cooked where the yolk still appears runny.
Opt for organic eggs from chickens that were allowed to roam freely. If possible, avoid frying the eggs with butter or other vegetable fats.

5. Baked Foods/Carbs (E.g. Snacks)
Who can resist bakes treats, right? From pastries to donuts, cookies, pies, and cakes, they aren’t just delicious but gives you that jolt of energy you need to jumpstart your morning or during the sleepy afternoon slump.
Unfortunately, they aren’t the healthiest food choices since they are made with dairy as well as hydrogenated and saturated fats.
Moreover, most of these sweet treats contain sugars and simple carbohydrates that can cause your blood sugar levels to spike and then plummet a short while later causing you to eat some more to feel more energized.
Never ever forget that “bad” fats cause your cholesterol levels to go up.
You will eventually have problems with your health if you keep on eating foods rich in “bad” fats + carbohydrates +sugar. They are undeniably a recipe for a health disaster and can significantly shorten your lifespan.
Aside from the usual staples you buy from the bakery, snacks like chips, crackers, pretzels, etc. all belong to the same category and are just unhealthy as other baked goodies.

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