High cholesterol on a plant-based diet? Tweaks for high cholesterol levels even on a plant-based or plant-rich diet. High cholesterol can also happen to vegetarians, vegans etc. 5 Tips to deal with high LDL-cholesterol (or total cholesterol) in this setting.

Vegetarian but cholesterol still runs high.

There are several determinants of cholesterol levels. the cholesterol in our food is one of them. A vegetarian diet can be higher or lower in cholesterol.

A bigger determinant of blood cholesterol is saturated fat. in general plant-rich diets are lower in saturated fat and they tend to lower cholesterol levels

Tropical oils like coconut and palm oil are very high in saturated fat and they raise LDL-cholesterol. they can raise lipids even on plant-based diets

coffee can also raise cholesterol.

genetic factors can keep cholesterol higher in some people.

Cholesterol is not the only factor. The decision to start a cholesterol-lowering drug like a statin considers family history, diabetes, smoking together with how high your cholesterol is. our viewer has good blood pressure

cholesterol is an indicator. the key to cardiovascular risk are the cholesterol carriers in our blood, lipoproteins, which we can measure with apoB

cholesterol can be a high with normal apoB. those people are NOT at higher risk. so if you’ve done a lot of troubleshooting but your cholesterol is still not where you want it, consider taking a look at apoB

statins. like any medication , statins have side effects but for people at risk the benefits far outweigh the risks. if statins don’t agree with you there are other classes of drugs that are very effective at lowering cholesterol

you have every right to decline statins. carefully weig the pros and cons

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