What is cholesterol?
Its type of fat,essential to carry out different body functions.

Cholesterol is of 3types.

1. LDL low density lippoproteins
2. HDL high density lippoproteins
3. VLDL very low density lippoproteins
LDL is called Bad Cholesterol because it causes blockage of arteries supplying to heart and brain and leads to heart and brain attacks.
HDL is named good cholesterol because it helps to maintane good fat balancing.
60mg/dl of HDL is good for health.
VLDL is very dangerous due to high risk of coronary arteries blockage.

Causes of high Cholesterol :

1.Over consumption of fatty foods
2.Bad habits like lazzy lifestyles
3.High calories food intake
4.Lack of fruits and vegetables in daily diet
5.Cigaret smoking
7.No Exercise

Signs and Symptoms of high Cholesterol :

1.Tingling sensations in limbs.
2.Yellow growth on eyelids
4.Grey ring around the iris
5.Skin and nails conditions
6.Neck pains and headaches
7.Rapid beatig of heart
8.chronic fatigue and weakness
9.Pain in upper part of spine
10.Lack of appetite and weight gain
11.Tiredness in legs


1.Proper diet and regular exercise
2.Healthy habits
3.Stop smoking
4.Stop Alcoholism
5.Eat fibre rich food

Unsaturated foods i.e. Oily fish,Nuts,seeds,vegetable oils.

FIBRE Rich Diet :
Mininmum 30grams/Day.
Includes in ;
bread,bran,grains cereala,
Fruits and vegetables,
Nuts and Seeds,
Oats and Barley.

FOODs which increase Choesterol :
Fatty products,meat,egg yolks,butter and ghee.
Baked foods like cakes and biscuits.
Icecreams and cheeses.
Fast foods ; burger,pizza and fries.
Animal liver,
Cold drinks,