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How do you lower lipoprotein a naturally? There is a time and place for medication, however if you have not suffered a cardiovascular event then it is best to try to lower lipoprotein a Lp(a) naturally.
What is Lipoprotein a Lp(a)?
Lipoprotein a Lp(a) is genetically determined and is a known risk factor to heart disease. If lipoprotein a Lp(a) is elevated then it becomes more important to try to lower it but also focus on all your modifiable risk factors to heart disease to minimize cardiovascular disease risk. Yes I am biased, but exercise is still your best medicine and it is something anyone can do.
Lipoprotein a Lp(a) is a protein particle similar to LDL. Its presence is considered a risk factor to heart disease.

Most physicians might only measure LDL cholesterol in patients who have not had a cardiovascular event and then promote statin therapy. Physicians do the best that they can do with the education that they have. Statin therapy may be of benefit but it should be the last line of attack in lowering cardiovascular risk. The benefits of the drugs should always outweigh the risk. And physicians should really dive in deeper for cardiovascular risk factors before considering medications. One test is lipoprotein a Lp(a), if this is high and you have high LDL-C, lowering lipoprotein a Lp(a) naturally and LDL-C should be the first choice. Also it is important to understand particle size, which I have talked about in past blog posts. Please click here for particle size cholesterol test.

How to Lower Lipoprotein A Lp(A) Naturally?

There are some people who think because it is genetically predisposed that you cannot reduce lipoprotein a Lp(a). This may be the case but here are some things where we have seen people lower lipoprotein a Lp(a) naturally.

1. Niacin: Niacin is B vitamin, and has been long used to increase HDL and lower LDL.
Best to have with a large meal and lots of water as it can cause flushing. I advise talking to your physician to monitor. DO NOT have non-flush Niacin to lower Lipoprotein (a) Lpa.

2. Consider a lower carbohydrate, no processed food way of eating. Best to have lots of healthy fats.

3. Low Estrogen , DHEA and testosterone can increase lipoprotein a Lp(a). So it becomes important that you hormones are well balanced. This also includes thyroid function. If your thyroid function is low then your lipoprotein a Lp(a) may be increased.

4. Vitamin C, L-Lysine, and L Proline are basic building blocks for collagen which can protect the wall of the arteries.

5. Moderate alcohol can benefit lipoprotein a Lp(a) as well as increased HDL cholesterol

If you have high lipoprotein a Lp(a), it just becomes more important to focus on your overall cardiovascular risk with exercise, good natural nutrition and developing good stress coping strategies to minimize anger, anxiety and depression, Understand your cholesterol profile in more detail and watch as you start to adopt a heart healthy lifestyle you will feel better and live happier, healthier and longer.

Diamond Fernandes