One of the most frequently asked questions about a ketogenic lifestyle is:

Will eating a high amount of dietary fat cause you to increase serum cholesterol.

Over the last 70 plus years, we have been taught that a diet high in fat is dangerous. That it causes:

– High Cholesterol
– Atherosclerosis
– Arteriosclerosis
– Cancer

There is a very natural process that the human body goes through when consuming carbohydrate in excess.

This process is called DE NOVO LIPOGENESIS.

This process alone, will show you why dietary fat is not the threat that everyone seems to think it is.

In This video I will talk about De novo lipogenesis, how it works in the body, and when understanding this principle as well as many others, we can finally start take control of our health for good.

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Introduction –
Chapter 1: How Hormones Control Fat Metabolism –
Chapter 2: How Dopamine Affects Weight Gain –
Chapter 3: How Sugar (Not Fat) Causes High Cholesterol –
Chapter 4: What is Ketosis? –
Chapter 5: Carbs And Ketosis –
Chapter 6: Protein And Ketosis –
Chapter 7: Types of Fat And Ketosis –
Chapter 8: How To Avoid The Keto Flu –
Chapter 9: How To Start The Keto Diet –
Chapter 10: How To Take Measurements For Weight Loss –
Chapter 11: Intermittent Fasting –
Chapter 12: Ketosis and Fighting Disease –

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