Should I worry about high cholesterol? Is high cholesterol important? Is high cholesterol bad for you?

These are some of the questions I seek to answer in this video. This is an educational video looking answer those questions and more.

What are the risks associated with high cholesterol? Is high cholesterol bad for your heart? I talk about the possible harm cholesterol can cause for your arteries. You’ll get to learn about the different types of cholesterol and the cholesterol you should love and like and the cholesterol you want to be careful about.

I also talk about the scenario where individuals have a heart attack despite normal cholesterol levels. I give an explanation on that. I also talk about the nuances of ldl cholesterol and how ldl cholesterol may even protect you. You’ll certainly find out if high cholesterol is a myth or not.

People on ketogenic diet and carnivore diet may want to watch this video and learn if high cholesterol is bad on keto. You will get to learn if hdl cholesterol is good or bad for you. Plus you’ll get to know if ldl cholesterol is bad or good for you. As heart disease continues to rise, this is a video you’d want to watch again and again to remind yourself of your own personal responsibilities to yourself.

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