VLDL Metabolism – This is the video on transport and metabolism of VLDL.
Introduction – 00:20 minutes
VLDL Metabolism – 01:01 minutes
Transport of lipids by VLDL and LDL – 01:01 minute
Synthesis of IDL – 02:10 minutes
Synthesis of LDL from IDL – 02:40 minutes
Lipoprotein Cascade Pathway – 03:05 minutes
Summary – 03:19 minutes

Exogenous (Dietary) lipids are carried by chylomicrons, the endogenous lipids are transported by VLDL and LDL.

Endogenously formed TAG and Cholesterol along with Apo protein B100 form a lipoprotein complex in liver known as nascent VLDL.

Nascent VLDL upon secretion into circulation acquires apo C and apo E from circulating HDL and becomes fully-fledged VLDL

VLDL are synthesized in the liver and transport endogenous TAG and Cholesterol from the liver to other tissues where they are hydrolyzed and release FFA by LPL.

By this process they are converted to IDL and finally to LDL

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