What causes high cholesterol in our blood? What is the biggest myth about cholesterol? In this episode we are revealing the whole truth about cholesterol and its underlying causes.

What is important, cholesterol should be seen as a symptom, but not as a disease. Let me give you a little spoiler, consumption of dietary cholesterol has very little to do with the bodily increased cholesterol aka high level of cholesterol in our blood. Supported by science! Existing epidemiological data have clearly demonstrated that dietary cholesterol is not correlated with increased risk for CHD. Although numerous clinical studies have shown that dietary cholesterol challenges may increase plasma LDL cholesterol in certain individuals, who are more sensitive to dietary cholesterol (about one-quarter of the population).

So if not eggs and saturated fat overall, click here 1:46 to check what are underlying causes of increased cholesterol!

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2:42 What is the difference between LDL and HDL and why cholesterol is not bad at all!
4:24 Connection between cholesterol and gut health!
5:00 What happens when your gut barrier is compromised :O
7:00 How to build strong gut barrier?
7:40 What makes your gut to be permeable?
8:07 What causes the high cholesterol in our blood? Impaired gut wall function, chronic inflammation which are caused by overconsumption of refined sugars/carbohydrates!

In the 1960s, the thesis that dietary cholesterol contributes to blood cholesterol and heart disease risk was a rational conclusion based on the available science at that time. Fifty years later the research evidence no longer supports this hypothesis yet changing the dietary recommendation to limit dietary cholesterol has been a slow and at times contentious process. The preponderance of the clinical and epidemiological data accumulated since the original dietary cholesterol restrictions were formulated indicate that: (1) dietary cholesterol has a small effect on the plasma cholesterol levels with an increase in the cholesterol content of the LDL particle and an increase in HDL cholesterol, with little effect on the LDL:HDL ratio, a significant indicator of heart disease risk, and (2) the lack of a significant relationship between cholesterol intake and heart disease incidence reported from numerous epidemiological surveys. Over the last decade, many countries and health promotion groups have modified their dietary recommendations to reflect the current evidence and to address a now recognised negative consequence of ineffective dietary cholesterol restrictions (such as inadequate choline intake). In contrast, health promotion groups in some countries appear to suffer from cognitive dissonance and continue to promote an outdated and potentially hazardous dietary recommendation based on an invalidated hypothesis. This review evaluates the evidence for and against dietary cholesterol restrictions and the potential consequences of such restrictions.

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