If you’re wondering why your cholesterol is high… here’s why.

There are only 3 Reasons.
#1 – Over Compensation
#2 – Glycation
#3 – Inflammation

And rarely, if ever will your doctor even mention them.

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Are you diagnosed with high cholesterol? Or are you concerned about cholesterol? Maybe cholesterol runs high in your family. My name is Barbara McDermott, founder of Shift Formula (https://ShiftFormula.com). And in this video, we’re going to take a look at three simple reasons why cholesterol levels can elevate at times in our lives. Now, before we get started, make sure you like this channel or this video. And that way, when I release other videos like it, you’ll be sure to be notified. Okay, let’s get down to business.

The three simple reasons that could explain why cholesterol’s elevated…

REASON #1: This is the concept of overcompensation. When a body has not consumed cholesterol for years in a pursuit to keep cholesterol levels lower and instead they’re still elevated. Like, what’s up with that? Well, our body will actually overcompensate. Yeah. When the body realizes or senses that it doesn’t have enough of this critical nutrient, cholesterol, insulin will signal your liver to start producing even more of it. You see, the body will do whatever it takes to get what it needs to function optimally.

So the first reason cholesterol could be elevated, is a consequence of over compensation.

REASON #2: “Glycation”. This is when a body, through again, years of abuse, we unknowingly end up corroding parts of our body. Glycation is sugar, aka glucose, that adheres to proteins all throughout our body. Now, the sugar doesn’t just come from the sugar bowl. The sugar, glucose, comes from any carbohydrate, even organic and those foods that are supposed to be healthy for us. Including fruits and grains, especially.

There’s a lot of carbohydrate in fruit and grain. And those cause what is called glycation. Proteins become compromised by molecules of glucose. And it’s those compromised tissues that demand cholesterol to come in as a repairing or a healing agent.

So, the second reason we could present with high cholesterol is if our body is in a state of a lot of glycation going on. A lot of sugary corrosion.

Again, REASIN #1 is overcompensation. Your body starts making more cholesterol because you haven’t been consuming enough in your diet, perhaps.

And, REASON #2 is glycation takes over. Because we’ve had a really high carbohydrate focused way of eating. Because that’s the way the doctors were telling us to eat, right? More fruits, vegetable, and whole grains.

REASON #3: Inflammation. We’ve heard that word over and over, right? Any time our body is inflamed in any way, an illness, stress, emotional or physical, that’s a signal for your body to step up it’s game and to assist you in your energy requirements for healing. So, wherever there’s inflammation elevated in our body, cholesterol will tend to be elevated also, in response to that inflammation.

Okay. There’s your three reasons that cholesterol might be elevated. Overcompensating… body producing more cholesterol because it needs it. Second one… glycation, how corroded our bodies become through the years because of carbohydrate. And the third one… inflammation.

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